I am running for  Washington State House of Representatives, 25th Legislative District Position 1, because I love this community and believe we need Representatives who will stand up for our children, jobs, and safety now and not continue to put off their responsibilities year after year. Our state faces tough choices. Our public schools desperately need support to provide the best education to our children. Wages have stagnated and we need more living wage jobs. Small businesses need support to compete in a 21st century economy. We need to take action to protect our environment from the ravages of climate change. These are issues we can not afford to put off for another year, but must fix now.

Taking the step to enter politics is a decision I take seriously. We need leaders who understand our needs. As someone who not only works here, but lives here, shops here, and has made this my home I am that advocate for the people of our community. I am the advocate who will make sure every child in our state gets a high quality education, will provide help for those who struggle with mental illness and substance abuse, support small business growth, provide help with housing and medical costs, fight for workers, and help Washington grow. I am that leader. For over a decade I have served our community as a teacher, coach, building representative, and church member. I also serve the nation’s children and educators by teaching a character development program, "Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice," for a national non-profit organization.

Together we will get the job done. With your help, your support, and your vote I will make Washington work for you.

Nelson Mandela

Working For Our Future

Candidate Jamie Smith

"Education is the most powerful weapon      we can use to change the world."