2018 Endorsements


25th Legislative District Democrats

Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Council of Washington State

American Federation of Teachers - Washington Chapter

ARNPs United - Washington State

Children's Campaign Fund

Equal Rights Washington

ILWU Local 23

ILWU - Puget Sound Council

Indivisible Puyallup

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Representative, 10th Congressional District

Denny Heck

King County Executive

Dow Constantine

As a teacher, Jamie Smith has distinguished herself through her ability to work with parents, administrators, and the larger community to ensure all children receive the high quality education they deserve. Jamie will work hard in Olympia to create family-wage jobs and protect the environment.
Former Senator, 25th Legislative District

Dawn Morrell

Representative, 27th Legislative District

Laurie Jinkins

Representative, 27th Legislative District

Jake Fey

Representative, 28th Legislative District

Christine Kilduff

Representative, 30th Legislative District

Kristine Reeves

Representative, 36th Letislative District

Noel Frame


Gina Bua

I support Jamie Smith because she cares about the people in our community. Jamie knows about the problems that her students and their families face. She listens to the members of our community and will represent her constituents when she gets to Olympia. Jamie has spent countless hours with decorated veterans, and she knows the challenges they face in dealing with the aftermath of war. She speaks about the tough issues with passion, and I know that she will fight for what is best for the people of the 25th Legislative District.

Eric Herde

I support Jamie Smith because she clearly and forcefully articulates the needs of the working class. As a teacher, she has seen the struggles faced by her students, and as an active union member, she understands the importance of effective organization for workers to get the respect we deserve from our employers.

Karl Mecklenburg

Jamie Smith is open about her faith and how Jesus Christ's teachings are central to her values and inform her politics.

Kathryn Gethardt

Jamie is intelligent with the integrity and background in education that will serve the 25th District well.

Mary Kohli

I am impressed with Jamie Smith because of her views, her energy, her willingness to learn and research topics, and her commitment to bettering her community and state. I will gladly vote for her for Representative for the 25th District.

Karri Wicka

I support Jamie Smith because, as a teacher, she understands the everyday task of trying to educate our children on a limited budget. She sees first hand how kids struggle when their parents are having a hard time making ends meet. She will be a strong voice for us in Olympia.

Vicki Ackerman

Lauren Adler

Cliff Allo

Peggy Alston

Susan Anderson-Newham

Cody Arledge

Morgen Asher

Nancy Atwood

Denise Babineaux

Raechelle Baghirov

Matthew Baldwin

Madelyn Barry

Gordon Baxter

Dianne Benigno

Terence Bentler

Judith Billings

Libbie Bristow

Dave Churchman

Lisa Clinton

Joseph Columbo

Susan Columbo

John DeGuiseppi

Brian Duthie

Jessica Duthie

Rhett Elton

Dan Emerson

Katie Fralick

Toni Gates

Kathryn Gerhardt

Rhonda Gray

Shelley Greene

Jeffrey Griffin

Kristen Griffin

Carlin Harris

David Harrowe

William Havens

Zackary Hawthorne

Ed Herde

Eric Herde

Karen Herde

Hali Hill

Gary Hoff

Tricia Hukee

John Hylinger

Tija Iles

Tanya Johnson

Jett Jones

David Kacoroski

Cara Kamel

Jeremy Kamel

Christopher Karnes

Turan Kayaoglu

Megan Kilpatrick

Todd Kilpatrick

Robert Klavano

Robert Koreis

Bill Korum

Audrey Lacey

Kara Lanning

Deborah Larson

Joe Lefebvre

Tom Link

Delores Mahoney

Paul Mahoney

Cydne Marckmann

Erollynne Marsh

William Marsh

Paul Marston

Dana Matsukawa

Thomas McCullough

Christine McGrath

Delci McLaren

Tamara Mcllhenny

John Michalski

Bliss Moore

Marcia Nanae

Lindsay Nelson

Ian Northrip

Andy O'Donnell

Christopher Oliver

Robin Osborn

Lisa Ossian

Charles Pearman

Donna Pearman

Susan Pitman

Gene Robbins

Linda Robbins

Anthony Ross Jr.

Kareen Shanks

Sean Shoup

Peggy Simpson

Andra Smith

Daniel Smith

Gary Smith

Karen Swanson

Mervin Swanson

Lyallyn Temple

Janet Thiessen

Steven Tiegs

David Torrey

Patricia Toy

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Angela Wambaugh

Theresa Webster

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